Australian Tenpin Bowling Seniors Organisation

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2001 Induction            June Marks                  New South Wales


2002 Induction            Ken Baldock                Tasmania


2003 Induction            Merilyn Dangerfield      Tasmania

                                   Barry Morgan               Queensland

2004 Induction            Brenda Kirkwood         Western Australia
                                   Graeme Etheridge        Victoria

2005 Induction            Bev Jamieson              Queensland
                                   Richie Palmer              Western Australia

2006 Induction            Beverley Freestone     New South Wales
                                   Eileen Rawson            Victoria

2010 Induction            Jenny Palmer              Western Australia


2011 Induction             Ian Swan                    Australian Capital Territory
                                    Peter Coburn               Queensland

2013 Induction            Colleen Swan              Australian Capital Territory
                                   Jeff Salt                      New South Wales


2014 Induction            Ronda Hatchard          South Australia


2016 Induction            Vivienne Bissell          Queensland


2017 Induction            Stephen Bell               Victoria

                                   Lawrie Hill                  Queensland

ATBSO National Life Member Inductees honoured for their outstanding service to the National ATBSO and the over 45's sport of tenpin bowling